Life Bridge Management

Core Values

Embody joyfulness: It’s nice to be around happy, upbeat, and positive people. It’s good for you, the team, and our clients. We look for this quality in those with whom we surround ourselves. 

Practice humility: In success and failure: Don’t be arrogant. Give and receive direct, constructive, respectful feedback. We view honest failure as a learning opportunity for the future. 

Take ownership: We are accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, and our company. 

Exemplify grit: We value those who have the endurance to go further, applying their unique talents with an unshakable commitment to achieving our long-term goals.

Life Bridge Employees

Meet Our Team

Amy Rizzuto
Colorado Area Manager

Amy has 21 years of property management experience. In the five years prior, she was the VP and Regional Manager for Dunmire Property Management. From 2005 to 2017, Amy was a Regional Manager for Wilmax Capital Management in Austin, Texas.